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The Hernandez Law Firm is proud to introduce the Legacy of Leadership Internship Program for the 2012-2013 academic year.


To transform Texas A&M Students into Facilitators of Relationships for the 21st Century.

Facilitators of Relationships: are individuals that are capable of creating value added relationships with individuals and organizations in local and global communities.


Create leaders with the vision, skills, aptitude, passion, attitude and desire to be facilitators of relationships at all levels of the global community. The individual interns will form a team through a common experience in a safe and trust based environment. The result will be a transformational experience for the individual that will collectively and effectively generate ideas, innovation and strategies that add value to all concerned.


1)Receive 40 hours of Mediation/Negotiation/Facilitation training that will result in receiving a mediation certificate recognized by the state of Texas courts and business community.

2)Participate in litigation process in criminal, family, and civil matters.

3)Complete specific community projects as teams in the Brazos County community in collaboration with the university, schools, agencies, faith communities and nonprofit organizations.

4)Interact with business, corporate, educational, elected and appointed officials to learn about their own personal and professional journeys.

5)Travel to Austin to meet elected and appointed state leaders and experience the legislative process.

6)Travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to experience an international seminar with counterparts from the region.

7)Receive letter of recommendation directed at potential employers, graduate and professional schools.

8)Form a network of lifelong relationships with fellow interns and community leaders.


The unpaid internship will begin with a day and a half retreat in late September. Sessions will primarily occur during weekends and during the week as necessary.

October - November - December:

• Conduct team service projects within the university and broader community

• Engage in interactive sessions with corporate, business, educational, political and community based leaders

January - February - March - April:

• Complete 40 hour mediation training

• Travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

• Travel to Austin Legislative Seminar

• Internship Banquet


1) Complete 40 hours of mediation training to obtain mediation certificate;

2) Attend meetings with corporate, business, educational, municipal, county, judicial and elected officials;

3) Complete community service project;

4) Attend Austin Legislative Seminar*; and

5) Travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico*;  

6)Attend Internship Banquet

Personal Statement of Interest

The following areas should be included in your two page personal statement. Share your personal background prior to enrolling at Texas A&M University regarding your home, family, life experiences, work experiences, skills and any other relevant background information.  Include in your statement: your immediate (after college) and long term (5 years forward) goals; overview of your philosophy regarding your life and what you believe you are destined to achieve in your lifetime; discuss what you are passionate about in life and what contributions you want to make to the community, state, nation and world.

*Travel expenses will be the responsibility of each intern


The participants will experience a “safe place” firsthand and learn the process of creating safe places for dialogue, discovery, solutions and innovation that add value to the mission and goals of individuals and organizations. The participants will experience a relationship-building model that they will be able to expand, modify and apply to their interests and needs–whether personal, professional or community. The end goal is that participants will develop a deeper level of mindfulness that will provide them the emotional security that is needed to facilitate relationships in their lives that will lead to personal, professional, and leadership development.

Each Intern will experience the following processes:

• Becoming emotionally secure to effectively negotiate, mediate and facilitate value-added relationships with all individuals, organizations and communities;

• Developing a sense of humility in serving others in social, business and community relationships;

• Developing the capacity and competence  of integrating a vast amount of diverse information/ideas/cultures in a constantly changing environment with continuously overlapping data;

• Visualizing opportunities drawn from the collective experiences, ideas and perceptions of all concerned;

• Integrating wisdom, culture, technology, creativity and innovation;

• Understanding personal experiences through  intellectual, emotional and spiritual assessment;

• Bringing together individuals and organizations to create safe and secure environments that facilitate creative, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to complex problems;

• Becoming culturally mobile with the mental and emotional ability to effectively navigate through the diverse and constantly changing environments; 

• Transforming conflicted relationships into collaborative and integrative opportunities.

The seminar will initiate the participants’ lifelong journey of learning and practicing the art of relationship facilitation. Further, it is the beginning of a community of facilitators committed to learning and practicing the art on a personal and professional level.