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¿Herido en un accidente de trabajo o de camión de 18 Ruedas?

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Read by Third is a local, volunteer-based program designed to give low-income parents skills and resources to help their children learn to read at grade level by the third grade so they can read to learn from the fourth grade on.

Read by Third will use the Facilitators of Relationships model.

Facilitators of Relationships are trained to create value-added relationships between individuals, groups and organizations for the purpose of solving problems. They focus on creating “safe places” where all those involved can engage with one another in a trust-filled, respectful and nonjudgmental manner.



Create transformational leaders with the vision, skills, aptitude, passion, attitude and desire to be facilitators of relationships at all levels of the global community. The individual interns will form a team through a common experience in a safe and trust based environment. The result will be the beginning of a lifelong transformational journey for the individual that will generate creativity, innovation and strategic relationships.

The applicant will:

  • Complete 40 hours of mediation training to obtain mediation certificate;
  • Attend meetings with corporate, business, educational, municipal, county, judicial and elected officials;
  • Complete community service project;
  • *Attend Austin Legislative Seminar; and
  • Attend Internship Banquet