Intellectual Property

We have experience litigating, structuring, negotiating, & documenting major domestic & international transactions involving all types of intellectual property & technology.

Intellectual Property: Trademarks

  Clearance Searches Registration Applications
Prosecution Statement of Use
Appeals to the Board Section 8 and 15 Declarations
Renewal Applications Filing for International Trademark
Preparing for UDRP Petition Responding to UDRP Petition
Monitoring Opposition Proceedings
Foreign Origin Registration Applications  

Intellectual Property: US Utility Patents



Nonprovisional Applications Provisional Applications
Application Amendments Appeals to the Board
Issuing Allowed Applications Ex Parte Re-Exams
Paying Maintenance Fees Novelty Searches
Validity / Invalidity Opinions Infringement / Noninfringement Opinions

Intellectual Property: Foreign Origin and Foreign Patents

     Filing in USPTO
Filing in non-PCT Application in Foreign Territories
Entering National Stage in US Receiving Office
Paying an Annuity oor Maintenance Fees

Intellectual Property: U.S. Design Patents, Plant Patents and Copyrights

    U.S. Design Patent Applications
U.S. Plant Applications
Copyright Registrations

Intellectual Property: Licensing and Commercialization

  License Drafting and Negotiation